Let Us Give Thanks - Intensive Karen

Let Us Give Thanks

Though previously posted in 2018, this message holds true today.  Thanksgiving Day was a big deal when I was growing…
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The Gift of Gab - Intensive Karen

The Gift of Gab

Though I am adopted, I like to say that I “inherited” the gift of gab from my Mom, even though…
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One More Thing - Intensive Karen

One More Thing

Think about the people we love the most.  Remember the fun we have when we are together, whether it’s our…
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Fatigued? - Intensive Karen


It’s been approximately seven months since Covid arrived in the United States, some days it feels like seven years.  We…
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Survey Says - Intensive Karen

Survey Says

Two weeks ago, I asked four questions about advance directives.  Here are the results: #1 Do you have an advance…
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Four Questions - Intensive Karen

Four Questions

There’s no way for me to know the reasons why people do or do not have advance directives unless I…
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The Truth Is... - Intensive Karen

The Truth Is…

Despite seventy percent of Americans preferring to die at home, nearly seventy percent die in a hospital, nursing home or…
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The Art of Healing - Intensive Karen

The Art of Healing

“Listen to her.  You’re going to learn from her.”  That’s what I told myself when I first met Arianne.  We…
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Time for Change - Intensive Karen

Time for Change

It can’t happen overnight.  If you want to change habits and subsequent actions, a thoughtful plan is required. Do you…
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Ground Hog Day - Intensive Karen

Ground Hog Day

We kept encountering the same scenario over and over again, like Bill Murray in the movie Ground Hog Day.  Person…
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