Reentry During Covid - Intensive Karen

Reentry During Covid

These posts usually discuss some aspect of advance directives.  Recently when I attended a celebration with 9 people in attendance,…
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Will to Live - Intensive Karen

Your Will to Live

The phrase “will to live” suggests thoughts of people stranded on a mountaintop after an airplane crash or abandoned in…
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It's Different - Intensive Karen

It’s Different

May 17th passed a few days ago. That was my parent’s wedding anniversary.  In 1959 when they moved into their…
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Celebrate and Elevate - Intensive Karen

Celebrate and Elevate

The World Health Organization declared 2020 the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife in honor of the 200th anniversary…
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Take Five - Intensive Karen

Take Five

As we grow through the emotional roller coaster that comes with the CoVid Pandemic, I urge you to take five,…
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karen kopan - intensive karen - time is now

The Time is Now

I thought you might be interested in sitting down together and going over your advanced directives. We’ll talk about who…
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I Can Only Imagine - Intensive Karen

I Can Only Imagine

This past week, while at work in the Intensive Care Unit, I was reminded how to look beyond appearances and…
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