The Time is Now

I thought you might be interested in sitting down together and going over your advanced directives.    We’ll talk about…
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I Can Only Imagine - Intensive Karen

I Can Only Imagine

This past week, while at work in the Intensive Care Unit, I was reminded how to look beyond appearances and…
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Creature Comforts - Intensive Karen

Creature Comforts

When you hear those words, creature comforts, what images come to mind? I think of warm soft blankets and pillows,…
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Say What? - Intensive Karen

Say What?

I remember filing my taxes for the first time using the 1040EZ “short form”. It was the simplest of tax…
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The Call - Intensive Karen

The Call

Imagine if you will…the phone rings, you don’t recognize the number but pick up anyway and hear “Hello, this is…
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Breaking Bad (News) - Intensive Karen

Breaking Bad (News)

In the TV series Breaking Bad, the main character has a terminal illness and turns to a life of crime…
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Dying in Our Sleep - Intensive Karen

Dying in Our Sleep

Many people, when thinking about their own deaths, hope they will lay their head on their pillow one night and…
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Advance Directive Untruths - Intensive Karen

Advance Directive Untruths

#1 Advance directives are all about death and no one wants to talk about it. Completing advance directives is empowering…
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